Bracelets Benefitting Animals by Jane




Bracelets Benefitting Animals by Jane was founded for the sole purpose of helping with the efforts of saving and healing animals in need & empowering animal rescues of Jane's choice.

No animal deserves to suffer, be cast away or perish due to overpopulation, cruelty, neglect, or the system failures.

Please help us to raise monies by purchasing a special hand made bracelet with 65% donated to reputable animal welfare organizations to help those in immediate need.   

Since our inception in February 2013, we have donated over $8,500 to many reputable animal welfare organizations from bracelet sales thanks to our generous supporters!

Each bracelet is handcrafted in Maine of vintage & modern day findings.

Exciting News!! (announced June 2015):  We now have handmade rings!   Each ring is handmade of vintage and modern day findings as well.   Check out our rings from the "Order Your Ring" page.  And just like our bracelets, 65% of every purchase goes to animals in need.


Our new rings!  See more on the "Order Your Ring" Page